Dental Checkup & Clean in Adelaide

The Importance of Maintaining Good Oral Health

There is growing evidence that our oral health is linked to our physical health. Abnormalities in your mouth can be an early sign of medical conditions. This is called Oral-Systemic Connection. At Royal Park Dental, our focus goes beyond your oral health. Our team of dental professionals take time to check and examine any abnormalities in your mouth in order to detect early signs of medical conditions.

At Royal Park Dental, a scale and polish is known as an “Active Maintenance appointment” as we provide much more than “just a clean”. We focus on preventing and early intervention of dental decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Thus, your 6-monthly “Active Maintenance appointment” is important to both your oral health and physical health because we monitor your dental health, identify any risk factors, address your health concerns and ultimately help to maintain your overall health. Your “Active Maintenance appointment” is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team approach with the dentist and appropriate referral to other oral health and medical teams.

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Royal Park Dental Adelaide accepts - all health funds