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Probably one of the most common solutions for missing teeth is using dentures. It is a quick option if you want to have that complete set of teeth again. However, you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible service for a reasonable price.

Finding an Adelaide dental clinic or denture dentist with a good reputation where they have had success with other patients is the last thing to worry about now as we are here at Royal Park Dental to cater to your dental needs. From routine cleaning, sealants, and fluoride treatments to family and cosmetic dentistry, we offer a range of treatments and services that allow you to see that bright and healthy smile once again.

What are impacted teeth?

It is common to have problems with wisdom teeth. Often times the teeth can become impacted, which means coming out at an angle underneath the teeth in front.

Impacted wisdom teeth will not grow into a position that allows them to be functional teeth.

Tooth impactions

What are some possible symptoms with impacted/ erupting wisdom teeth?

What problems can impacted teeth cause?

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause gum infection, swelling, pain, fever and decay on the tooth in front. The best treatment in many cases is to have the teeth removed.

Simple cases may be treated under local anaesthetic in our treatment room. With a quick check, the dentist will be able to see if the removal can be done at the practice or best done by an oral surgeon.

Wisdom teeth

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